Sunday, March 29, 2015

New favourite authors and books that I love!

I have never been a fan of chick-lit because I used to think it's very cliche and boring, BUT boy was i wrong. I have been loving chick-lit for the past few months and have been constantly borrowing them and reading them and buying them. I feel that chick-lit is a genre that make me crack up all the time and sometimes even cried. They are easy reads and it is a great way to kill time however the greatest thing of all...ALL THE HOT/CUTE MEN AND ROMANTIC DATES AND KISSES!!! Throw in a funny best friend and a heroine and a couple of laughs.

So, how did my love for chick-lit started? Well the first book that got me into chick-lit was actually the "I Heart..." series by Linsey Kelk. The series was fun, cute, romantic and funny and Alex is one hot cutie and Angela is funny and they make a cute pair but who could forget the crazy, gorgeous best friend, Jen? All in all that series change my life! So grateful to have pick it up!!! Love ya Lindsey <3 I cant get enough of Alex and Angela!!! I want more!!! The other book was "About a Girl" which is also awesome!!!

Next on my favourite list is the one and only Paige Toon. I cannot express how much i love love love love "Chasing Daisy". Luis you truly are one charming and hot Brazilian and Daisy. OH I CANT EXPRESS MY FEELS!!! This is one book that i truly truly truly want it to be a never ending series!!! Other book which i also love love love is the "Johnny Be Good" series which consist of two books and a spin-off "The Accidental Life Of Jessie Jefferson" which btw book two is coming up late this year. This is a highly recommended book!!!

Sophie Kinsella is also another amazing author. I have read some of her books which include "Remember me", "Can You Keep a Secret" and "The Undomestic Goddess". I don't even know which is my favourite!!! I wish there is a second book to all of them!!! Sophie's book are super funny so, be careful when reading it in public because I promise you, you will burst out laughing!!!

I love Louise Bagshawe's "Destiny", and I love the plot and the twist and all the romance. The heroine is someone who is determined and confident. Love it!!

Lucy Diamond "Beach House" was amazing! I kind of regretted returning it the first time I borrowed it because I was not into chick-lit at first but am so glad that I have read it.

One of author that I am currently loving is Susan Elizabeth Phillips I only have read three books so far but I am hunting for the other books. The only book I have read from her "Wynette, Texas" series was the sixth book "Call Me Irresistible" only because it was the only one that story sort of caught my eye but who knows maybe i would give the rest a shot. On the other hand I absolutely love the "Chicago Stars" series and I have read two of them "Nobody's Baby but Mine" and "Dream a Little Dream" both got me all emotional. I really love this two books a lot and still am finding the rest of the series.

Last but not least, Jane Costello's book which I have read "The Nearly-Weds", one of my fav, I mean who can resist a good-looking daddy with two adorable kid. I know I can't. And i have also read "All The Single Ladies" which is so awesome and I love this book too.

These are my current favourite and of course there are plenty more to come. Not just books but also author. Reading just gets me so excited!!! I cannot wait to discover more amazing author and more amazing books!!! How I wish I can buy them all!!!!

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