Monday, May 26, 2014

A Little Bit About Me

I have 2 hobbies. One is watching soccer and the other is reading. I find that reading is the best way to kill time either when I taking the subway or take the bus. I tend to lean towards Romance and if i find a book that pique my interest of different genre I am willing to try. I used to not like book with like super powers but after reading Sarah Alderson’s “Hunting Lila”. I FELL FOR IT. She is one of my fav author. The next was Katie Mcgarry. I love the way she writes her stories IT IS AMAZING. I have read “Pushing The Limits”, “Dare You To”, “Crash Into You” and “Red At Night”. I LOVE the way each character develop themselves through each book and the fact that they help their half to become what they are.She really open my eyes that even in bad circumstances love can happen. Another author that i love is Jerilee Kaye. My love for romance has to start with her book “Knight In Shining Suit” I love the sweet romance along with the unexpected surprise. 

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