Monday, May 26, 2014

Dare You To by Katie Mcgarry (Pushing The Limits #2)

"Dare You To" is the first book of all the series that I have read. I was a little bit hesitant to read it in the first place because I thought that it would be very depressing and draggy. But the moment I started reading, I was not able to put it down. It was addictive and I was hook to it.
 Ryan, the jock and the perfect son. He was the star of his baseball team and was ever so sure that baseball was his life. He was born into what seem a perfect family in the eyes of other, but his family was just like the rest.Broken. Complicated. Another thing about this jock, is that baseball is not the only thing he is good at he also has a talent for something els. He choice start to waver and when he met Beth his all so sure road isn't that promising at all. His character is very obedient yet at the same time cheeky and cute. He is so sweet and romantic. One of my favourite scene is:
  “I hold the bottle out into the rain and watch as the steady flow slowly fills it. When there is enough, enough that Beth can clearly see, I close the bottle and hand it to her. She raises a skeptical eyebrow, but accepts the bottle. "It's our rain Beth." Her head barely shakes to show her confusion while I rub the back of my neck and search for my courage. "I told you I loved you in this rain and when you doubt my words, I want you to look at this bottle.”
― Katie McGarry, Dare You To
 Beth is like Noah. She has a rather complicated relationship with her mother and I was able to see that below her tough exterior, she has a soft side for her family, Noah and Isaiah. She is not bound to the system like Noah but she felt she was being control. I just my favourite part about Beth is that she stands up for what she believes.
 I learnt from here that in order to be happy, I have to chase after what I want and to fight for myself. To learn to trust. I also have learnt how to let go of certain things to feel happy. This book is definitely the reson I am drawn to this kind of romance. It is really an exciting read.

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