Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: Knight in Shining Suit

Knight in Shining Suit
Knight in Shining Suit by Jerilee Kaye

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I first came across this book while I was still on Wattpad, and I did not realise the book was already published. I remember I was crying because I could not read more and I immediately went to purchase it. IT WAS TE BEST DECISION!!!! I was not really a romance type of person but this story is seriously one of the best romance book I have ever read. This book made me want to read more about Romance and this book is really addictive to read. I could not put it down for more than a sec!!!

Ryder Van Woodsen, a name that would make heart flutter. He is really charming and really sweet to Astrid. The number of endearment he used to called her is enough to make me blush and smile unconsciously while reading. He is really manly and really loving. I mean how many times do you see a man like him beg for your forgiveness on his knees? I know Ryder does.

Astrid the ever charming stubborn lady with gorgeous purple eyes. She is the love of Ryder's life. She had her fair share of hardships. Caught her ex making out with her maid of honour/ bestfriend /cousin and to realise that her dream wedding, the one that she so hard for, ended up as her not being the bride.

"Knight in Shining Suit" is by far one of my absolute favourite romance book and would probably remain on the top for a long time. I do not find it cliche at all because Jerilee Kaye has definitely has put her twist to the story.

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