Monday, May 26, 2014

Crash Into You by Katie Mcgarry (Pushing The Limits #3)

Crash into you is like a good girls meets bad boy kind of story expect with a twist. This book talks a lot about cars and racing. This book is like when 2 clashing personality is brought together by their hobby. It starts off just as a coincidence but from the beginning I could feel the spark that Rachel and Isaiah had.
 Isaiah, best friend to Noah. After his horrible ending with Beth, he seems to cut her off. He went on without her and continue with his job to repair cars. He like the other two wanted nothing more then to get out of the system. He was offered a job after he graduate and to someone like it it seems like his future is getting brighter and more promising. However, that was before he realise that landed himself into trouble from saving Little-Miss-Perfect, Rachel Young. He is like Noah and Beth has a soft side below his tough exterior. He was really one of the main reason that Rachel has break out from her shell and become who she really is.

  “One day I’ll get a tattoo for you.” Warmth explodes in my chest, in awe that he would mark himself for me. “You don’t have to.” “I will.” His fingers trace my cheek and chills of pleasure run down my spine. “It’s what I do. Each tattoo represents the only happy memories I’ve had. And you, Rachel, you’re the happiest.”
― Katie McGarry, Crash into You 

 Rachel Young, the Miss Rich and the girl who seems it have it all. A nice house, loving parents, over-protective brothers, etc. But beyond that nice house everything seems breaking apart. Her Family seems to ask so much of her. They felt the need to replace her dead sister with her to keep her mom's sanity. She has a problem though. Beyond that Miss Perfect who is prom and proper is someone that is dying to scream out to the world that this is not her and it will never be. She feels tired to keep her facade on. She turn to the only thing that keeps her sane, her car. She feels alive when she over exceed that speed limit. That adrenaline rush is what keeps her alive.

 This book is a book that writes about how one can have so much influence over another. How love can be so strong. Who knew that the Rachel Young that follows all her family rules would one day have the guts to scream back? Who know that the Isaiah that swore to never trust or fall in love again begins to tear down his wall and let his guard down? Well you have to Read "Crash Into You" to find out!!!

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