Monday, May 26, 2014

Intertwined by Jerilee Kaye

Jerilee Kaye is one of the reasons why i have fallen so deeply into romance. She portray these guys like angels and every time I think that this would be another of those cliche stories, she "WOWED" me with a new element and twist.

This book makes me blush like a little girl, make my heart flutter and makes me cry. Its so wonderful and though Travis and Brianne have experience A LOT of ups and downs they still made it through and they are happily married together. This is such a beautiful, beautiful love story of how two broken people that come together as puzzles. They are so fitting together and it just so beautiful.

There is a lot of crying in this book but that does change my opinion of it, they both been through a lot and they only had each other to rely on. The heartbreak that they went through was just so painful. Jerilee Kaye manage to make my heart clench every time she write a heart breaking scene.

There was lots of sweet and cute moments. One of my fav was when he stood up for her when she was being look down upon by her wedding planner. I remember clearly too that because her ring with facing the inward of her palm the wedding planner mistook her of someone of less importance. CLEARLY TRAVIS DISAPPROVES!!! He turn the ring around and kiss her!!!! <SQUELS>

Jerilee Kaye is an AWESOME writer if you are interested in romance. Though she does not have many book, I feel that one book is enough to brighten my day. "Intertwined" is definitely a book worth your time, it just make you feel that there in that knight in shining armor ,or "Knight In Shining Suit" in this case, waiting for you and sweep you off your feet.

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